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View Diary: Struggle and Faith: How Occupy Has Taught Me To Tolerate Religion (231 comments)

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    There really is a strong resemblance between the thought patterns of religious fundamentalists and those who hate religion....
    Yeah: the "strong resemblance" is that you hate them both. That's not actually any kind of resemblance, absent your self-centeredness.
    Hating on religion is the mirror image of fundamentalism.
    Bullshit. Critics of religion (attempting to slime people who happen to disagree with you about a particular group of ideas as "haters" doesn't actually get you anywhere), as such, do not rely on blind faith to found their superstitions. We don't take over governments and oppress our opponents. We don't drive despised minorities to kill themselves.

    It's a sign of your inability to deal with skeptical critiques of your beliefs that all you can come up with is "Oooh, you're just as bad and mean as fundamentalists!"

    What critics of (your) religion have in common with fundamentalists is that your belief system doesn't provide you with a good basis to argue that any of us are wrong.

    Religion is not a person. It has no rights. It is not unethical to criticize or oppose it; no one has an ethical obligation to "respect" it. Your pretense to the contrary is based on nothing but your own arrogance and privilege.

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