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View Diary: The Law of Unintended Consequences: Propose an Assault Weapons Ban, Get Inundated By Them (52 comments)

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  •  No Unintended Consquence Here . . . (13+ / 0-)

    The overblown paranoia about the President's supposed gun-banning plans started before his first term. It's been deliberately cultivated on two fronts: by those using it as a tool to whip up the right-wing base, and by those simply wanting to make a buck by inflating ammo and firearms prices.

    I'll grant you, though, that things have been taken to a new level in the last few months. I've been trying to find some .30-30 ammo. Thirty-freaking-thirty Winchester, for which no "assault  weapon" has ever been chambered, and which no one, anywhere, has ever dreamed of restricting.

    "Out of stock, no backorder" . . . irrational panic hoarding has reached new levels, I guess.  If my shoulders were in better shape, I'd say it was time to take up bowhunting.

    •  Not entirely (0+ / 0-)

      I didn't get into guns until about halfway through Obama's first term.  I did not believe that he was a closet gun grabber and argued this position heavily in the uber-RW gun forums.  The experience over the last four months has absolutely convinced me that I was wrong.

      I've been a staunch supporter of the Democrats for a long time.  I pretty much missed the 1994 rodeo as I was in m early 20s and in college.  My views are not because of a rallying of the RW base and I don't consume RW media.  The actions of the left have shown me the truth.

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