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  •  ADHD and The family (13+ / 0-)

    My husband and teenage daughter both have ADD, him inattentive and her combined.  I do not.  My daughter also has a whole bag of co-morbidities, including ODD.

    I, as the "neurotypical"  one in the family was the one who had to  fight for our child and became a parent advocate for other kids in the process. I also taught her to advocate for herself, knowing that once she hit college, she would have to do it for herself.

    CHADD has been a great resource for our family.  Join if you or a family member is ADHD .

    ADHD had defined our lives as a family and it has been a blessing and a curse, as are most things. My daughter, now 19, is socially/emotionally about 15.  So she is old enough to get into trouble and young enough mentally to do so.  

    Also, ADHD is different in girls.  Add fluctuating hormones and their effects every month and you have a real rollercoaster.

    I love it when she says to me "  You dont understand!!!".  She's right- I dont understand what having ADHD is like.  I can only try to help her understand her issues and compensate for them.  I do understand how ADHD effects our entire family and our lives in big and little ways.

    Having tried to do everything right for our daughter, who graduated with honors from high school and has much potential to now watching her flounder and struggle in college due to her ADHD, I commend the author for their success.  Its a hard road.  Keep on trucking:)

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