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View Diary: If you ever thought a hell pit was wonderful, you are a conservative (162 comments)

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  •  Funny I had a client where they owned an (1+ / 0-)
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    industrial zoned property. These people (I can assure you Bush Voters based on location) made a website from their backyard of it being used for concrete crushing (during the day).

    Idk why this reminds me of. At first I felt for them, but then I saw the rediculous stuff they put on the internet- like a video of it zoomed in probably 30x as they were probably a quarter mile away making it seem like they were 10 ft.

    That video was funny. I think the only overlapping idea of this is someone actually moving then complaining that there's tar sands lol. As ultimately that's how I viewed.  . .

    you do live next to an industrial zoned parcel- they did add a tree line so it would buffer (and didn't have to), and I am sure your house cost less because there could be god knows what next to you. It just amazed me how much the public could be motivated when as always something affects them personally. I am sure they are all for business, but something happening on a parcel next to them zoned for it, no. Reminds me also.

    Ultimately I didn't have much to do with, but I think we got client to move it, the uproar was pretty funny. Not like was secret, and again built buffers etc.

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