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  •  Obama's legacy..... (2+ / 0-)
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    mrkvica, 3goldens

    His legacy seems to be that he continued the same basic policies of the Bush administration, albeit with more competent personel.  

    For starters, he made the Bush tax cuts permanent, with a very modest tweak to upper rates.  

    He also wound down the Iraq and Afghanistan wars according to roughly the same timetable Bush already had set in place (and even had his own copycat "surge" in Afghanistan).  

    He has continued to prosecute the "war on terror" with little regard for  deteriorating protections of basic human and constitutional rights, including increasing drone stikes and using them against a US citizen, and he hasn't even managed to close Guantanamo Bay as promised.

    He has overseen sharp declines in government spending, even in the face of an economic slump, leading to economic stagnation at a level only seen previously over the past century in Republican administrations.

    He has continued the same basic foreign policy stance of tacit support for Israeli aggression in the middle east, while continuing to pressure Iran with heavy handed sanctions, with little resort to diplomacy.  He has even appointed Republicans (twice) to head the Department of Defense.

    He has done very little on the Environment (apart from increased fuel efficiency standards), despite the increasing evidence of the threat of global warming.  The issue was barely discussed during the recent presidential election.

    At this point, his greatest achievement seems to have been passing a health care reform that was basically invented by Mitt Romney.  

    Granted, the "more competent" part will likely keep him from ranking alongside Bush in lists of the worst presidents of all time, but it's not like he has much of a legacy to brag about at this point.   Is this really how he wants to be remembered?

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