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View Diary: Mich Township Clerk calls Township Supervisor an "arrogant n!gger" (and, yeah, she's a Dem) (181 comments)

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  •  You can trash-talk your OWN folks. Period. (5+ / 0-)

    Poles can tell all the Polish jokes they want. Mel Brooks and Jackie Mason can make fun of Jews. AA people and ONLY AA people can use the N-word. Women can make the words "You bitch" mean everything from "You're a terrible person" to "Congratulations, my dearest friend!"

    Words have power - and some words are weapons, pointed at their targets. But if you yourself use that weaponed-word that was turned against you, you're now holding it by the handle and are able to make it do your bidding.

    Thank God, the Bob Fosse Kid is here! - Colin Mochrie

    by gardnerhill on Tue Apr 30, 2013 at 02:21:30 PM PDT

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    •  EXACTLY. This fundamental rule explains so much (1+ / 0-)
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      So many do not get it.

      You are a member of a minority group you can call eachother whatever you want as far as I am concerned. For African Americans the N word is THEIR word to do with
      as they choose.

      In my (white) hands, or rather mouth, it is poison and gravely disrespectful and demeaning and wrong.

      For all my parent's flaws, that they made SURE I knew right from wrong has been a blessing. My mother was super clear on the N word and on judging people by any superficial quality of theirs (such as race) being so deeply Wrong it was almost an abomination.

      THe N word in a white person's mouth seems genocidal to be honest. It is a nod to the worst things Whites in our country did to Black people. It means nothing or not the same thing when Black people use it on eachother and it is their business.

      I hate when people in a power majority (in our country that is Male and/or Heterosexual and/or Christian and/or White.) have a judgement about what members of a power minority choose to discuss or words they use amongst themselves. FOr example, Though as a woman I don't like it, I mind it much less when a woman calls another woman a bitch than when a man does. Women have been and are historically graded and degraded in terms of their sexual availablity and desirability as an object (or animal like a dog) not a person. The word 'bitch" in a man's mouth is a slap harkening toward that denigration.

      It is different when the historically powerful majority who has historically oppressed a minority uses these words.

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