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View Diary: The Problem With Watching MSNBC: The Manipulation of Liberals (254 comments)

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    I don't agree with that opinion.

    You can find much better independent journalism in today's world, but you have to find it in Rolling Stones, Huffington Post, Common Dreams, or on the Daily Kos. And, a hundred more sites. If you are expecting it on FauX, CNN, or MSNBC (in most cases), then you are looking in the wrong place.

    Five or six decades ago, the press was interested in getting the facts of a story correct, but it was based on waiting for the government or corporate entities to provide them those facts.

    We have a media that no longer trusts that institutions will actually provide facts. And, rightfully so. That was not the case in the time period you are talking about.

    I wonder how the Gulf of Tonkin would have played out in today's media.

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      We have a media that no longer trusts that institutions will actually provide facts.
      Really?  They don't care about facts, they care about selling shit, facts are secondary.  Facts are often boring, mundane and not sexy, unless you happen to be a wonk, and wonks aren't driving the economy.

      The time I was talking about was full of distrust as well, every administration has used the press or abused it as the case may be.  The press's business is not to trust elected officials, thats what we want from them.  Good journalists from all periods follow that model.  There is still good reporting done, but the media outlets downplay that in favor of sensationalizing bullshit and promoting reality-show style conflict.

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      by Timothy L Smith on Wed May 01, 2013 at 08:27:49 AM PDT

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        on which media we are talking about.

        I simply don't watch Fox, CNN, or most of MSNBC. I do watch Chris or Rachel, since they do seem to follow the "fact-based" reporting model. Same with some programs on Current.

        There are many other good media outlets that I noted above (Rolling Stone, Nation, etc.), but you do have to go look for them. And, most of them are online where facts can be laid out without worrying about losing an audience's attention.

        It was easy to cover up scandals in the 60's. Not so much anymore. I'll take the good with the bad any day.

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