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View Diary: Republican governors face decimation in 2014 (214 comments)

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    I have less optimism about the governor's race here than many do.  After all, the people of Michigan were stupid enough to vote for him the first time.

    I think Snyder's re-election will hinge on the EFM in Detroit.  If, as I suspect will happen, we start hearing about the same kind of problems happening in Detroit that we've seen in other cities with Emergency Managers, then I really don't see how Snyder wins.  If, on the other hand, the concerns of myself and others somehow end up being unfounded, I think we have a hard time beating him unless we find a really good candidate, since he'd be able to portray himself as the governor who helped save Detroit.

    As I said, however, my prediction would be that the EM in Detroit will turn out the same as all the others.  I'm just hesitant to say Snyder's toast this far out.

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