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  •  He did not have a strong opponent either as (3+ / 0-)
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    remember Sestak came within 2 pts of beating Toomey for Senate in 2010. So enough Democrats came out to vote for Sestak but some must have voted for Corbett over Onorato, who was an unknown outside of the Pittsburgh area.

    Sestak ran a strong campaign, Onorato did not.
    They both lost but Sestak came damn close to beating Toomey.  Corbett won by 10 pts at least.

    Corbett gained popularity for prosecuting both Repubilcan and Democratic legiislators who are serving time in prison now.  

    In doing some GOTV , some Democrats said they were considering voting for Corbett because he went after both Democrats and Republicans who were corrupt and prosecuted them.Some thought Corbett a moderate, many of us knew better.  We had a helluva time getting the college students and new voters from 2008 to show up at the polls. We had a helluva time getting sporadic Democratic voters to show up and vote.  And Independents were staying home too.

    Once in office, Corbett showed how radical he really is and wants to privatize every single thing in the state.  
    He is forever bashing teachers and state workers and cutting benefits from all of them plus he cut millions from public schools and universiities.

     And then the the Penn State scandal. Kathleen Kane received more votes than any candidate on the ticket for any office in 2012 including the President and the ever popular Bob Casey. That was because everywhere she went , people asked her...

    Please investigate Governor Corbett for his role as Attorney General in the Sandusky matter and why he waited to prosecute and lied to victims' famiilies and he would not pursue it as he was running for Governor.
    Many think Corbett sat on the investigation into Sandusky so not to piss off Penn State coaches and Penn State alums who supported him, campaigned for him, and donated to him.

    People are very suspicious of Corbett and how that whole Penn State matter was handled.

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    by wishingwell on Wed May 01, 2013 at 11:46:25 AM PDT

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