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  •  Muslims are Everywhere! (with a nod to Mojo Nixon) (4+ / 0-)

    They're in your cheesburgers
    Muslims are in Nutty Buddies!
    Muslims are in your mom!

    They're in everybody.
    They're in the young, the old,
    the fat, the skinny,
    the white, the black
    the brown and the blue
    people got Muslims in 'em too

    Muslims are in everybody out there.
    Everybody's got Muslims in them!
    Everybody except one person that is...
    Yeah, one person!
    The evil opposite of Muslims.
    The Anti-Muslim

    But who is the Anti-Muslim?  We already know Michael J Fox is the Anti-Elvis.

    The man in the suit has just bought a new car with the profit he made from your dreams... (-7.00, -5.64)

    by markc9503 on Tue Apr 30, 2013 at 01:26:00 PM PDT

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