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  •  But if you have a large pool of PTO you're okay (1+ / 0-)
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    I was lucky to work for an employer who switched to PTO back in the 90s but did not skimp on the amount you accrued so even when a bad, bad flu hit, I was covered and when co-workers had surgery, they were okay.

    But I've also spent time in contracting gigs with miserly PTO where you dragged yourself in to save leave.  

    Now I'm with Uncle Sam and have only taken one day of sick leave in the months I've been here so I have a far larger pool of sick leave than annual leave right now.  I kinda wish it was PTO but at the same accrual rate.

    •  If you've been there long enough to acrue it. (1+ / 0-)
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      I'd been with my old employer for almost two decades but they closed down.  This job is just a few months old so it will be a while before I have much in the bank.  The first year is really miserly.  I believe it gets better after the first anniversary, but I'm not a young woman and my husband has major heart disease.  So this is stressful for me.  

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