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  •  complacent talk is a bad idea (0+ / 0-)

    and I don't think DJ was being "debbie downer" in pointing it out.

    That kind of talk is what made MA voters look at Brown again. I felt it myself when they kept saying Coakly was a shoe in. But I follow politics more closely than many so really deeply Got that we needed a Dem in there and it trumped my distaste for being told who I'd be voting for.

    Complacent talk also causes people to work less hard on the campaign.

    Let's not forget. Scott Brown's election HURT OUR COUNTRY for a number of months. He was the 40th Republican vote (if my math was correct...he made the Dem Senate count 59 not 60) he gave Republicans the abilty to fillibuster Obama's entire agenda and criple our government. MA voters did that almost out of spite against Coakley but also against being told she was a shoe in and TOLD how they would vote.

    never again.

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