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    New 3-page form may screw states....

    Well, great. If you accept that the original, 26-page sucked, here are the options that CMS just gave the good folks in CT:

    1. Start recoding, and try to get the Feds to cover the budget over-run, or

    2. Use the 26-page form, and watch your enrollment decrease because of the rotten user experience. Which is exactly what Obama says will happen: "People aren’t going to have the patience to sit there for hours on end."

    So Obama throws the CT exchange under the bus because PR, and (as usual) those who trusted the guy got betrayed. Obama's making the Rick Perrys of this world -- the states that don't want to build their own exchanges -- look awfully good, and making his own supporters in CT look awfully stupid.*

    NOTE * But then, trusting Obama is stupid. So there's that.

    NOTE Oh, and more changes to come, kidz! Obama promises:

    "[OBAMA:] Those kinds of refinements, we’re going to continue to be working on."

    Ever been on an IT project where top management kept making changes all the way 'til the last minute? How'd that go?

    Not sure if anyone is still looking after the initial PR splash.

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