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View Diary: Stuff I Hide on Facebook: #2 Football and Muslims (7 comments)

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  •  I have an uneasy relationship with Facebook. (0+ / 0-)

    I was encouraged to join years ago by a college friend.
    I really do not understand what it is for (aside from its gathering information about 'users' for Facebook's own profit)

    I usually keep my friends list limited to less than 20 (it is currently 19), a baker's dozen would be ideal. Currently 3 are ER-based connections.

    I follow a few simple rules:

    My 'favorite quote' is a condescending quote from me about Facebook; Everything I post to facebook is at least 50% bullshit; I put all my facebook 'friends' on high filter level, so I have little idea what they post unless I proactively check; If one of my 'friends' posts a complaint/manifesto about some new Facebook privacy policy change, i immediately unfriend them; If I'm having a rough day, I unfriend a couple people to get back a feeling of control;  If i get an friend request, I usually accept it and allow for us each to snoop each others profiles - but after 3 or 4 day, the 'unfreind' clock is ticking; I never facebook two people who share the same household; I don't facebook my 'real' friends, I facebook people who are strategically linked to my network of friends; For example, Doug, who is my second cousin, attended the same primary, middle and high school as i did; spent one semester down the hall from me at a freshman dorm in college and split rent with me one year in an apartment back in 1994. In 4 years of being friends on facebook Doug and I have not posted to one another's walls, poked each other or sent each other.  We've exchanged exactly 4 instant messages related to both of our brushes with unemployment. That is the perfect online relationship. But if one of us were to ever throw up the bat signal, the other would come through.  Another facebook friend is Becky whose work history intersected with mine at 3 different firms, but has never been a a close friend outside of the office.
    I mostly use it to make photos of my kids available to my inlaws and one of my aunts.

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