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    My brother got sacked from his job as a phys-ed instructor and coach, because he benched a player who was showing an attitude and wasn't making an effort during practice. In other words, he was being a good coach and a good teacher. He was teaching this kid that bad attitude and laziness are qualities that get you benched.
    This happened in a small town. The parents of the benched kid demanded my brother's head on a platter. They got it.  This story ended well, with my brother getting a new teaching and coaching job in a much better town. But it was a stressful, miserable time for him and his family. He was doing his job, and doing it right. The board and the administration should have backed him up, but they didn't.

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    by Reepicheep on Tue Apr 30, 2013 at 09:04:28 PM PDT

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      My brother was a teacher as well.  He taught in a pretty rough school district. There was so much wrong with the district, but he stuck it out.  He called it quits when a student assaulted him and he demanded that the student be suspended (expelled would have been better, but he knew that would be impossible) for the attack, but he had no support from the principal or the board (look the other way was the predominate reaction) and the kid kept going to school.  
      Well, making the motions of going to school, though, what the kid learned was not abc's, reading, writing and arithmetic, it was how to be an assaulter and get away with it.
      PS my brother left teaching and has had another job for over 30 years which has been quite successful.

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      by Lilyvt on Wed May 01, 2013 at 04:50:28 AM PDT

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