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  •  Yup. This. (20+ / 0-)

    I am an adjunct at local U, and it even infects higher education.

    The public in my area (Utah) presumes I'm a socialist hack with no common sense and no basic knowledge that is motivated to teach as a matter of politics and a desire to indoctrinate students.

    My other employers (necessary because there is NO WAY to make a living wage teaching at university as anything other than a tenure track professor) routinely make fun of my teaching and encourage me to quit. It's not the real world, it's idealistic nonsense, college is a shell game, it doesn't teach anything useful, why waste my time, and so on.

    But I cling to my one or two courses per semester simply because I love the classroom and believe that there is nothing more essential in the world today than telling young people about the inherent tensions and problems that exist in the modern social universe (I'm an academic sociologist by training and that is what I teach).

    Even the students, though, can be difficult. Every semester I have one or two that either drop out or have to be forcibly "dropped out" of my class because they're disruptive and disrespectful. I'm a roll-up-my-sleeves-and-take-challenges sort of teacher, but there are limits—like when a student tries to rally the other students, loudly and in class, to walk out and to get worthless generals like this dropped from the curriculum because sociology never invented a medicine, grew a bigger cucumber, or directly increased the profits of a company in a way that can easily be measured. "You idiots don't actually make or sell anything," goes the common refrain, "you just do a bunch of misleading statistics and make a bunch of worthless socialistic theories about how affirmative action isn't actually reverse discrimination against whites and how poor people aren't actually just lazy bums that take from the rest of us."

    My wife has certainly had enough. She's far more extroverted and conscious of social status than I, and though she's also the product of a Ph.D. program, she long ago stopped admitting it and by all measures is generally embarrassed to admit that she ever had anything to do with teaching, because she feels that it lowers others' opinions of her.

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    "Liberty" is deaf, dumb, and useless without life itself.

    by nobody at all on Tue Apr 30, 2013 at 10:41:14 PM PDT

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