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  •  And Saved #2: (7+ / 0-)

    we were on the Santa Cruz trail, it was freakin hot, the creek had gone dry just back at the crossing before...and we were crossing the dry bed again 75' upstream...when MsBee says Turtle! and legs it up the creek bed..the boulder strewn dried moss 100 degree a Pacific Pond Turtle about 50' away among these rocks. We looked away and it took us a few minutes to find the turtle again, right in front of us, they are so well camouflaged against the rocks and moss..

    So here was this turtle, maybe 125' up from a thin drying tiny pool, and 60' from another deeper, but shaded pool upstream.

    It was noon, and 100 degrees in this shadeless rocky creek bottom, the turtle was stuck at the bottom of a pile of boulders about 1' across. There was no way the turtle could have gone up or around this wall of boulders..amazing as these turtles are...the rocks were hot, the turtle was hot...who freakin knows.

    Now I know they roam and lay eggs back in the brush so finding one on dry dirt in a watershed is strange but normal behavior for them, they don't lay eggs until 8 or so, they can live to 30 in the wild.

    Well, we could have left her..I'll say her but I don't know...but it seemed that the exposure was going to be we carried her the rest of the way to the pool and set her down.
        You have to make choices.

    The pool was a sandy spot, shade and sun, plenty of mud and sand to burrow into and hibernate.

    She slowly put her head out and gave me a long look...(yeah, she said thanks bro and sis, I freakin heard it!)

    and then took two grabs with her well endowed clawed feet and dove to the bottom of the pool..I'll even say she jumped into the water...and I have had them jump off of rocks at waist height and dive in right next to me!

    Anyway, I am claiming a Save!..and amazing of MsBee to see that is some dam good pattern see a six inch long turtle the same color and texture as the rocks around it from 50' away with peripheral vision while walking on rough ground...woooo, was she directed to do so? Can Bigfoot be next?

    maybe...maybe not...

    My later seeing two others was no big thing because we had seen one, so now my turtle recognition program was booted and running...and they were perched on the only rock in their pools..hard to miss..but they held still for a moment for me, that's something right there, the word had gone out.

    About 1/2 hour later McBee was cooling off in a shady spot and practicing Being Still..a Canyon Wren flew up out of the same creek bottom and landed two feet away, looked right at her, and MsBee said 'hello little one..'    It sang it's terrific Canyon Wren song right to her.

    Now you know Canyon Wrens are often heard but hard to, I will say this was the creek's way of saying thanks!

    Save #2.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Fri May 03, 2013 at 12:33:38 AM PDT

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