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    ...the best way to teach a child about the responsiblity that is gun ownership is to teach them to shoot a gun, and to ingrain proper gun ownership and handling habits from a young age.  This removes some of the 'mystique' of a gun, rendering it an ordinary, if dangerous, object instead of an Object Of Power.  This reduces the chances that a kid will handle a gun without permission if they encounter one, and increases the chances that even if they -do- do so, they'll handle it properly.  Blowing holds in melons -- or, when older, small animals, either for the pot or to eliminate vermin -- can be an excellent object lession in the lethality of a firearm.  (Not to mention, the 'cool factor' of killing things tends to be reduced the first time you -don't- get a clean kill and your supervisory parental unit makes you go out and finish it off while it's flopping around and squealing.)

    Of course, part of 'proper gun ownership' is 'never allow a child to handle a firearm without plenty of instruction and CONSTANT, VIGILANT supervision.'  These stupid fucks left it around for the kids to -play with-, for god's sake.  If I had -touched- a gun without permission when I was a kid I would have been afraid that my mother would have beaten six kinds of hell out of me for it, and the same goes for every family that I know of who owns guns and has kids.  Of course, those families also own and habitually use gun safes and trigger locks, because they're not stupidly irresponsible.

    Personally, if you've got a kid that's moderately responsible, I see nothing wrong with starting them out with a BB gun at around five or six, and a .22 two to five years later, depending on how they acquit themselves.  But no matter what, they wouldn't be able to access either or use them without parental permission or supervision until they were significantly older than that.  But it's all about the mental state and proven responsibility of the child.  There're some kids I wouldn't let own a gun until they were able to buy one themselves, and I wouldn't -want- them to own one even then.

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