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View Diary: Meet the retailers that won't help victims of Bangladesh factory collapse (112 comments)

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  •  "Nicer" clothes is what I thought I was buying (1+ / 0-)
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    when I stopped shopping at Walmart and went to Cato's!  True, the price wasn't thru the roof, but they weren't as inexpensive as Walmart's.   Being "full figured," until I started buying online from Ulla Popkin (when I could afford it), there were very few places in this area to find nice clothes to wear to work that I could afford.

    However, that said... I haven't bought anything from Cato's for probably close to four years.  I would go in to "shop" every now and then, but the style, fit, and quality had gone down so bad I couldn't justify spending the prices they wanted.  

    I plan on writing the company and basically repeating what I've said here... plus more.  I'd lay odds they effectively lost me as a "buyer" when they shifted their business contracts to Bangledesh.  For me, the dual tragedies just answered the question "what happened to their inventory?" that Mom and I've asked each other thru these years.

    That brings up a concept these businesses don't seem to understand.  They move their contracts around to the lowest bidder... damn the human cost... keeping their prices the same (and even raising them), and then losing good customers when the quality of their merchandise suffers... because they're too concerned with saving pennies for shareholders to give a damn about the human cost involved.

    I agree boycotting for the sake of boycotting may not be the way to go in this situation... but people with my experience... reaching out to Corporate and explaining the WHEN and WHY they lost my (very ample $$$) business some years ago... and THEN connecting that experience with these tragedies -might- (I dare to hope) cause someone to re-think this insane contracting pattern - that maybe it isn't the best way to pad that bottom line.

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