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View Diary: Why Is ‘Tebow Nation’ So Bitter About Jason Collins’ Revelation? (274 comments)

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    running away like the ignorant, bigoted coward that they are, because they can't handle the truth and they do not know or understand what it means to be logical.

    While we're continuing to call out these people for being haters, when do we start calling them out for running away when they can't handle Big Boy and Big Girl Discussions anymore? Because that's what they do. Consistently. They run. They bolt. They QUIT.

    Buncha damned babies. You hit them with facts more than once, and they run away like their panties are on fire. I see this all the time. All the time.

    They are cowards and that needs to be pointed out as often as possible, whenever they run away from a discussion. I realize at that point, they'll just block you on Facebook, but big deal! Be sure to point out to their 'friends' and yours what COWARDS look like.

    "The “Left” is NOT divided on the need to oppose austerity and the Great Betrayal. The Third Way is not left or center or even right. It is Wall Street on the Potomac."--Bill Black

    by lunachickie on Wed May 01, 2013 at 11:45:40 AM PDT

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