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View Diary: Why Is ‘Tebow Nation’ So Bitter About Jason Collins’ Revelation? (274 comments)

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  •  Tim Tebow needs to pray that the Lord God (5+ / 0-)
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    leonard145b, gerrilea, Matt Z, ruscle, Jeff Y

    Almighty will teach him how to play, not just pray.

    •  "If you can play, you can play." (6+ / 0-)

      Gay people aren't asking for any special privileges, just equal opportunities. That is at the very essence of the rallying cry around gay people in sports. If you can play, you can play.

      Tim Tebow was a great college football player, but at least when it comes to playing quarterback, isn't deemed good enough by the league. The Christian Right, who has decided to politicize this personnel decision and pretend as if Tebow's ample opportunities to 'make it' in the NFL didn't happen, fails to realize that they're demanding the very same special privileges for which they (wrongly) accuse LGBT people of.

      Inside the locker rooms of the NFL, there are probably hundreds of "out" and devout Christians. There are no out gay players yet. They fail to see the absurdity in their hypocritical claims.

      •  (That said...) (1+ / 0-)
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        I did think it was pretty scummy of the Jets to release Tebow the day after the draft, and not the day before. There may have been a team or two that would have taken him before the draft that won't now... and while Tebow may have shown an incredible amount of immaturity while with the Jets, I don't think he's a tenth as bad as the kinds of asshats polluting Twitter over him.

        •  no, he's an asshole (3+ / 0-)
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          Mathazar, akze29, elginblt

          the reason the Jets held on to him until after the draft was because they were hoping to trade him for a draft choice to try and salvage something from the situation.

          He was never going to play for them again after he quit on the team, refusing to play in the last game because he was upset he had been passed over for a start when Sanchez was injured

          •  I agree, he's an a-hole (0+ / 0-)

            I don't honestly think the Jets were trying to trade him. Or, rather, I think they knew the day before the draft that there was zero interest in any kind of a trade they'd find acceptable.

            I still say they should have released him the day before the draft, especially since a lot of his a-hole-ish-ness seems centered in the fact that the kid is just a kid, completely immature and sheltered away from anyone who didn't think he was literally god's gift to this green earth.

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