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    To me the construction of the concoction is all about the effect of fear on the human brain chemistry -- the adrenalin rush that compounds with each reinforcing experience of it and scintillates and enervates (it's a high -- hence the popularity of rollercoasters, horror flicks and Halloween) the mind, body and being and provokes the biological reaction of feeling afraid, afraid, afraid all the time and of everything suggested to you as worthy of that response. Then add in the ability of sociopathic scam artists through the centuries to exploit this addictive rush in the population to gain control and power and profit over all they survey, much as the pusher invites the addict-to-be into the behavior he desires and which he knows will enrich him with wealth and power. Next, codify the need to elicit these primal reactions into rites, rituals and belief systems with rigid, punitively-obsessed acolytes and authoritarian enforcers with charisma and accumulated, seemingly supernatural power (I think of phony "faith healers"). Finally, bestow upon these alleged avatars the ability and "divine" sanction to offer eternal life and salvation -- the eternal, perfect and readymade panacea that will magically resolve the overwhelming fear (principally of the great unknown we call mortality, and what may or may not follow it) they are intentionally triggering so they can "provide the solution" of "faith," which itself amounts to fealty to the unseen and "omniscient" exchanged for the perception of one's own individual, sentient volition and the individual's ability to internally discern and outwardly exercise that volition with the necessary confidence and focus -- and you have a big part of the recipe for the world you see in front of you, driven as it is by delusion, division and despair and populated by confused, agitated and compromised people unable to discern fantasy from observable and demonstrable reality.

    That said, do I respect (and love) my believer friends of whatever religion? Of course I do. They have shown me love and compassion and concern and legitimate connection and that is as worthy of respect as any behavior I can think of or name. But do I respect their delusion, and in particular the capacity of that delusion to establish illegitimate and inestimably destructive hegemony over the very fiber of human consciousness in the ongoing quest to explain the most complex ideas with the most infantile, puerile and unprovable explanations? Certainly and most decisively not. Because although empathy and compassion are freely given, respect must be earned to mean anything sincerely felt and real.

    The kicker for me is that these belief systems -- which themselves have amounted to atrocity after atrocity in the checkered, brutal history of our species from the ancient times to the present day -- still, somehow, have a primary say in an essential chunk of my life possibilities as a human being on this planet. Who I can love, who I can marry, whose hand I might feel comfortable holding in public, who I can visit in the hospital in the unfortunate event of a potential partner's catastrophic illness... all these things have been determined, in supremely limiting and unspeakably damaging, fear-addiction-inspired ways, for me by people with expressly "religious" motivations who have decided in their lust for control and power that I am to be treated as lesser for my homosexuality so that they can be lauded for their dogmatic, exclusionary and unforgiving "faith" and false piety.

    Of course I appreciate that many believers do not hold my gayness, or anyone else's, against us and wish in the sincerest of ways for us to be treated with dignity and respect, and for this I am grateful, given how difficult it must be to reconcile the more divisive dogmas of the various belief systems with the desire to see people who are different live meaningful lives where the ability to love and be loved is an option, but it is not them I would condemn... it's the ones above them in the hierarchies of these religions, and the ones down the ages who have set forth the strictures and legitimizations-of-abuse that are still prevalent today despite all evidence of their destructive and annihilative power, with whom I have issue and wish to see stricken from the realm of the "respectable" forever.

    "Some of you are going to die... martyrs, of course, to the Freedom that I will provide!"

    by emperor nobody on Wed May 01, 2013 at 07:59:48 PM PDT

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