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View Diary: Why Is ‘Tebow Nation’ So Bitter About Jason Collins’ Revelation? (274 comments)

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  •  Her True Full Blown Bigotry Came Out... (0+ / 0-)

    once she decided (assumed) you were a Damned Dirty Demon-Rat.

    That’s the problem. People like you think this is funny! Let me guess? Democrat!

        That explains it!! I have lots of gay friends! But no dumbass gay friends! LOL! … There is nothing wrong with being gay so don’t use it as a crutch! That is the Democrat coming out in you. Put on your big girl panties like us Republicans do and grow up! That’s your life choice! Be proud and don’t demonize us because of your life choice. Own it like us small business owners are owning our position as this presidential administration screws us. Quit making it about being gay. That’s what I DO NOT like about DEMOCRATS! The blame game! Rise up, shut up and do your damn JOB! Quit hiding behind gay Ron!

    See she has no problem with you being Gay, only with having the God Damn Fucking Audacity to be a DEMOCRAT.   She doesn't hate the Gay, she HATES DEMOCRATS.  It just so happens that a majority of gays are in fact -  Democrats - but it's not about them being GAY, just as she doesn't have a problem I'm sure with the majority of black people (who are Democrats), or the majority of Latinos (who are Democrats), or the President who just keeps "Holding Her Down" (and happens to be  a Democrat - but she doesn't "BLAME" - oh no she Doesn't) - it's not about their orientation or race or anything it's about them being Democrats who go "OUCH!" when somebody kicks them.  Who call the police when their attacked, or  abused, who call the EPA or OSHA when their working conditions are FRACKED and Polluted - or for the-love-of-heaven-fucks-sake FIGHTS BACK!

    Just lay there. STAY DOWN, or they'll kick you again.

    She doesn't mind that you're Gay Ron, just be like a good Republican Gay and Shut UP about it, your harshing everyone's mellow as they milk low-skilled workers for higher commissions and "low cost" shoppers for higher profit margins.  We got Capital Gains to Make without doing any work over here. Shhh! Quit the Blame Game of trying hold bullies and assholes accountable and instead Become One of the Selfish Greedy Dickhead Assholes that populate the Republican Party.

    See, that's the problem with Democrats.  They should be like Pro-Lifers who spend all their time Fucking with other peoples Freedom.  Who rather than actually protecting life after it's been born by fighting for better health care for vulnerable children or preventing unexpected, unwanted and unaffordable pregnancies by helping with the distribution of contraceptives, or at least trying to ensure that vulnerable children who've been born to unwilling and unable parents have ample Foster Care and Adoption available to them - well - instead they DON'T FUCKING DO ANY OF THAT SHIT.  I mean Pro-Lifers like Tim Teebow are just so noble and courageous to proclaim "Every Sperm is Sacred" - since no one has EVER been firebombed or shot for holding that position - not while they try to take choices and freedoms away from everyone else - you should be like a Republican who doesn't care if you're Black, or Female or Gay -- only if you're RED not Stinking Dirty BLUE!.

    How dare you care about working people and personal freedom and shit?  It's not like most Americans are workers, or people or anything.

    Be like a Republican, make everyone else go "Ouch!" like a good Selfish-Bully-Sonavabitch.

    I'm just saying, or rather she did - between the lines.


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