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  •  Have you tried boiling water? (10+ / 0-)

    I was involved in a publication on controlling Red Imported Fire Ants a few years ago and that was my main contribution.  You have to be careful not to scald yourself, but a couple of treatments with boiling water usually does the trick as fire ants have fairly shallow nests.  I got rid of a fire ant mound that way under our daughter's swing when we were living in Florida.

    You can't use this method for deep nesting ants like harvesters so it is limited.

    •  That's how I get rid of ants (8+ / 0-)

      that invade my kitchen. Completely nontoxic, and then I'm forced to wipe my counters clean afterwards. Thus there's the added benefit of a cleaner kitchen.

      Since posting my screed, I've noticed that there are actually at least six new nests in my yard! The queen ants turn into egg-laying machines when the weather turns warm and damp. I will try the boiling water on the nests located in spots where I don't have to worry about killing the grass.

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