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    a diary.  Thanks for the advice.  Do you teach genealogy?  You'd be great.

    We do know that there was a samurai who lost his land, a great uncle who wrote bad checks and spent time in Leavenworth, a great grandmother who sold bootleg whiskey on skid row in L.A., and that my grandmother was possibly the product of a rape, but we need to get the details.  My brother was in Japan recently and looked through some public records but didn't turn up much.

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    by Maudlin on Fri May 03, 2013 at 06:10:40 AM PDT

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      You do have an interesting family history in just what you do know!  Makes me feel inadequate that I only turned up one murder mystery for the brother of one of my aunt's husband's brothers, but after reading the newspaper accounts printed before the alleged murderer committed suicide, I think the fellow's wife is the murderer and he probably only assisted.  When the 1940 census images came out last year I discovered the farm of the fellow murdered was next to where my aunt & uncle lived (both were my godparents six years later).

      The one (of several) areas of genealogy research about which I know next to nothing is Japanese research (any oriental country, actually).  I don't know what kind of records are available, and the languages are a mystery (other than they're an art form, elegant, and we saw some great photos of it with scenes of people or landscape along with the writing in my Art History classes).

      I don't teach genealogy, but I've been doing this so long and made enough mistakes of my own I had to correct, and learned enough from others, that I've got all the basics down pat for what is really necessary.

      I'd be a terrible teacher.  I have no patience.  I have had great teachers in my life and practically genuflect thinking about them to this day.  They fostered my independent learning processes even though they probably didn't realize they were doing so at the time, and before I had the vocabulary to label it.  My earliest student days were a bit unique in that I was the only kid in my grade from second through sixth grade, in a two-room school that had four grades in one room and two in the other.  When I entered seventh grade I had a lot of classmates in another school and we graduated together in 1964.

      Writing about genealogy basics and putting them in a DK post I've thought about doing, and I could branch off into research in the three Scandinavian countries where I find information all the time.  I am a member of the DK genealogy and family history community.  If I do post an article, I'll pimp it out probably in C&J and maybe in the PWB posts.

      Thanks for the encouragement!  :-)

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      by NonnyO on Fri May 03, 2013 at 06:36:32 PM PDT

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