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View Diary: Republican rebranding stops at the gay (50 comments)

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    Calamity Jean

    Isn't it the REPUBLICANS who need to move on the immigration issue? It really irritates me to see Democrats constantly backpedaling - on a border-enforcement trigger, on legalization, & now on LGBT couples. What I fear is that we will end up with a bill that is heavy on enforcement but weak & provisional on legalization & pathways to citizenship, & with LGBT couples left out in the cold. What Senate Democrats should do is offer up a good bill & dare the Republicans to vote against it.

    If Republicans tank this bill, it is THEY who will have to answer for it to Latino voters, not Democrats, not LGBTs. The Republican base was never going to buy into comprehensive immigration reform anyway. The party's leadership may understand the demographic time-bomb awaiting them, but their rank & file legislators are going to vote against it no matter what. The LGBT issue may offer them a convenient reason, but if it isn't in the bill they'd find another reason to vote no.

    Immigration reform, IF it passes (that's a huge if), will get there overwhelmingly with Democratic votes. So why should Democrats put up a bill designed primarily to appease Republicans? Why not include LGBTs & dare Marco Rubio to vote against his own bill? Let them explain why they had to block immigration reform "because of those damned dirty homosexuals".

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