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  •  My first and always best friend (13+ / 0-)

    When I first met Lori and I was 5 years old she was walking down the street holding my big sister's hand and I hated her on sight and she wasn't very happy to see me, either. My big sister, the one who basically raised me, had taken on babysitting Lori and her three younger brothers, and Lori was walking her home.

    The next time I met Lori I was in second grade and she was in third grade and she was the head filly of a herd of horses that galloped through the playground at recess. Despite our earlier mutual jealousy we quickly bonded, split from the herd, and formed a duo that sustained us both up until high school, when she married way too young to escape an abusive home and briefly disappeared.

    She had two outstanding character traits: She passionately loved animals and she passionately loved theater, including singing and dancing. We spent hours acting out the parts in musicals like West Side Story, and in one of our recurrent fantasies we owned a small nightclub like the Cavern Club where the Beatles came to perform in their early days and where we took turns having each of the Beatles as our boyfriends.

    She went on to have horses and then became a dog trainer who specialized in positive behavioral training methods. Her two childhood passions intersected and she won Dancing With Dogs awards -- she could choreograph dance routines to show tunes with her dogs that would make you gasp and laugh and cry. In addition to her day job she is now a torch singer with a small local jazz band.

    She has always been fiercely who she is and I love and admire her so much. I have never known someone who has stayed so true to her nature from childhood on. She lives about 10 hours away but every few years one of us makes the drive to get together.

    Oh, I used to be disgusted
    Now I try to be amused
    ~~ Elvis Costello

    by smileycreek on Thu May 02, 2013 at 08:39:41 AM PDT

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