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  •  Actually, I pee'd my pants in high school (4+ / 0-)

    It was hilarious.

    We're were at sleep over and out toilet papering and egging people's houses.

    At one point we saw a police car going by looking for us and we all bolted for cover to a nearby field to get off the street, STAT. Well, it was dark and I saw two fence poles close together so I thought it was a gate opening. No, it was two fence posts close together with fencing wire. I ran full speed through the fence posts, mind you I was on the track team. My upper body at the waist folded over the fence and I bounced around because my feet were now off the ground. Everyone fell on the ground heaving with laughter.

    I laughed so hard I pee'd my pants. It was a real drag because I had no change of clothing and had to wear my BFF's pants. The only ones that would fit me were ones no one would be caught dead in. White denim pedal pushers with pastel flowers on them. Very embarrassing wearing them home the next day in broad daylight.

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