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  •  Electric cars aren't a solution because (4+ / 0-)
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    mmacdDE, tacet, trumpeter, Beetwasher

    we still rely on fossil fuels for much of our electricity.  The changes that need to be made are on the scale of the greater infrastructure system.  

    No one really cares how they power their electric refrigerator - just that it is powered and kept cold.  The fossil fuel industry has worked hard to make sure people care about keeping fossil fuels at the forefront of the power grid's energy consumption, but people would not have a problem with switching to other solutions if they worked and gave them the electricity that they need.

    The problem with focusing on things like CFLs or electric cars is that neither solves the real problem we have which is that dependence on fossil fuels is ultimately going to be a dead end road.  

    Regardless of whether or not we are destroying the climate by using fossil fuels, the fact is that we are running out of them and we have to adapt and innovate on a grand scale if we want to keep our fridges cold and the lights on.  Using less fossil fuel won't prevent us from running out of it - it will only make that happen at a slightly slower pace - a slower march towards the dead end in the road.

    If we don't adopt alternatives, we will not only be enduring the real and dramatic negative effects of climate change, but also be positioning ourselves for wars and battles over limited resources.  The countries that get off of the fossil fuel grid the fastest and most completely will be the emergent powers in the next world order.  Talk about being "left behind" if we Americans don't get our act together.

    •  Exactly (2+ / 0-)
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      inclusiveheart, Beetwasher

      That's why I proposed a huge tax credit for power companies that start moving to green tech now. They'll have to later, but that will be too late to stop the cutbacks in electricity and all the pain that would create.

      The only thing they respond to is money NOW. So give them a reason to invest in green tech now, because without that incentive, they won't do it.

      And you're right. Nobody cares where the electricity comes from (well, most don't), they only care that there's enough and it's cheap.

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