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  •  Tom Perrotta "The Leftovers" (1+ / 0-)
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    In The Leftovers, Tom Perrotta looks at a small community where something that might be the Rapture--or not--has taken place. Lots of people suddenly disappear.

    The novel looks at the aftermath. That includes:
    - people who were sure they would be raptured, so it is hard for them to believe that this was a real rapture, because they were left behind;
    - people who disappeared, even though others were stunned because they wouldn't have thought those people would go;
    - people who are just shaken by the experience, and pursue various spiritual, social, political, etc. paths in dealing with it;
    - people who are shaken by it because important people in their lives disappear; and so on.

    There is a lot of attention to how it affects young people, who may have lost a parent, but almost surely lost at least some friends.

    It is a good read.

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