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View Diary: The Law of Unintended Consequences: 29% of the Country Think Armed Rebellion Might Be Necessary (106 comments)

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  •  I think this poll is skewed and th conclusions too (1+ / 0-)
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    Glen The Plumber

    I don't think the statemement

    “In the next few years, an armed revolution might be necessary in order to protect our liberties.”
    translates into anything  like: "I'm anxious and willing to take up arms against the USA" as some here want to take it

    Therefore I think all the comments condemning all these people who may or may not have answered the question as stated are as skewed as the poll no doubt was.

    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Wed May 01, 2013 at 07:41:40 PM PDT

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