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View Diary: The Law of Unintended Consequences: 29% of the Country Think Armed Rebellion Might Be Necessary (106 comments)

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    I had some Facebook "friends" that we're wing nuts (they are no longer my friends and I no longer have Facebook).  The idea of a revolution is very real to them as far as I could tell and their ire is directed at us.  The posts that I read made a special point to say the next civil war won't be fought over race but politics and won't target the government. They seem to be pretty confident that the military wont turn their weapons on their brothers and sisters or mothers and fathers.  There are nearly 300 million firearms, of all shapes and sizes, in America with an estimated 8-10 BILLION rounds of ammunition.  I know many of us are armed (disclaimer, I own handguns), but if this ever happens, they'll go through us like a hot knife through butter.

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