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View Diary: NPR Hatchet Job at Trying to Discredit Medicaid and Obamacare: Prime Example of a Corporate Shill (183 comments)

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  •  check youtube or something for Drew Griffin on CNN (6+ / 0-)
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    that guy's been doing blatant propaganda for the past year. worse than this story on npr. CNN has very, very heavily and abruptly lurched to the right since mid 2012.

    before these reports, reliable sources had people come on and basically tell them how big of assholes the obamas personally and their handlers were to the media. they talked about how they had to screen all their questions and junk beforehand. except all major politicians have always done that, the media usually initiates that convo, and they're only mentioning obama doing it when romney clearly did it the entire last election.

    but back to Mr. Griffin.

    first it was a story about pond scum in the dc mall which he made a metaphor for the obama administration and basically said why do we ever spend money to clean up pollution because it will just come back. and he just fed on the perception that any government bureaucracy is a quagmire just because.

    then he did this really bizarre story about trains in vermont in which he decried all government stimulus spending as worthless and acted oblivious to the fact that basically all mass transportation upgrades are financially justifiable by solow and transactional velocity on the macroeconomic scale, which you learn in beginning macroeconomics. he brought up a decent point about high speed trains being only a little faster than normal and that it is little used, but they had to go to a guy from the frickin cato institute to even give the balanced assessment that it was for shovel ready jobs.

    then he did a report on obamacare and did the cost shifting on a medical bill analysis with hundreds of dollars for a towel and stuff, obviously a good thing to show since we all go through that and it's horrible, and then he was like, obamacare does nothing about prices and this is just going to get worse, with no justification or sourcing. this point is demonstrably false, obviously.

    one of these was for blitzer, one was for cooper, and one was for burnett. cooper and burnett were being subbed and it looked like tapper was the sub. my guess is cooper and burnett didn't want to be a part of these obvious propaganda pieces.

    seriously, this stuff was worse than fox. fox is regular news usually just told with an extreme personality slant to cater to a cultural niche. when maddow does left-leaning commentary, she says don't take my word for it and delivers a straight news story with a left lean. a good example was when she reported on harry reid claiming romney never paid taxes. repubs would call that propaganda but it's not. she mentioned it was just hearsay like ten times. that story was totally unbiased. and romney still hasn't come clean, he gave a percentage, but that's not how you cheat on taxes, you cheat by claiming a small income, and he wouldn't release his income.

    this garbage on CNN was blatantly misleading propaganda and scared me quite frankly.

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