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View Diary: NPR Hatchet Job at Trying to Discredit Medicaid and Obamacare: Prime Example of a Corporate Shill (183 comments)

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    Ray Pensador

    Anybody who listened to NPR during the last election cycle understands that they're no different from CNN, CBS or any of the other MSM. Just like the MSM, blatant Republican lies weren't called out. It was sickening and disappointing to listen to them talk about "half-truths" that were "not entirely factual" that may or may not have been "misleading." They were fucking lies! Say it with me; "Lllllliiiiieeee." See how easy that was?

    Are they in the tank for the right wing? It's possible I suppose, but I think it's more likely that they've just fallen into the same trap as the rest of the MSM. They've been accused of having a liberal bias for so long, that they're now afraid to even be unbiased. If you're a Republican, you'll be given the benefit of the doubt, always and under every circumstance.

    NPR also has to be concerned about the fact that most of their funding has to be approved by Congress. Mitt Rmoney wanted to execute Big Bird, do you think the Republicans would have a problem with getting rid of ME or ATC? I'm sure that situation doesn't exactly encourage truthful, unbiased reporting.

    I used to listen to Robin Young on "Here and Now" every day during my lunch, but now I just read. It's better for my blood pressure.

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