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    This is also good, written by my Hopi friend, Patty Talahongva:
    Powwow 101 in Native Peoples magazine

    Powwow Etiquette & Tips

    Do not talk while an elder is speaking on the address system.

    Dress properly-nothing too revealing for the ladies.

    Leave the chairs around the dance area alone. They are for the dancers--bring your own.

    Do not touch the dancers or their regalia.

    Ask before you take a photo—it's just polite and dancers may have religious reasons for avoiding photos. Never enter the dance arena for a photo.

    Listen to the MC. He will tell you when to take your hats and caps off during traditional dances.

    When a blanket dance is announced, be prepared to donate a few dollars when the blanket passes you. The money will be donated to the person or drum group being honored.

    Ask people around you to explain things you don't understand-most will be eager to share their knowledge with you.

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