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View Diary: Another day, another poll showing gun safety legislation is a political winner (38 comments)

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  •  The "Do-nothing Congress" is on its way out (1+ / 0-)
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    Beastly Fool

    The recent voting down of the gun safety legislation, coupled with the problems the sequester caused for air travelers is so emblematic of how out of touch with reality this Congress really is.  Just last night there were tv news shows discussing how the sequester was affecting woman getting their cancer treatments and meds.

    It was amazing how fast the Congress fixed the debacle at the airports.  It proved that they can actually work together.

    By the election of 2014, there will be so many other examples of the incompetency of the Congress (including many more gun deaths) that there will be major changes.  

    In fact, we never even hear anyone in Washington talk about how to create jobs.  

    We do need to let Sen. Manchin and others know that he should reintroduce the same legislation again.  In fact, Sen. Reid voted with the other "No votes" so that he could reintroduce the bill again.  I am sure Sen. Manchin was in a state of shock when this didn't pass, because it was all about common sense.  Hopefully, he and the other Senators on our side are smart enough to read the minds of the public and know that time is on our side.  

    After 2004, Karl Rove was talking about a permanent GOP majority, and 2 years later, the GOP lost the House because of these same issues of corruption and incompetence.  (Look at the corruption issues coming out of Virginia, with Cuccinelli and MnDonnell, and North Carolina is being turned into Mississippi/Kansas.  North Carolina's House delegation will be ripe for change, as will its state legislators.  The political balance in the various House districts won't matter.  Remember Pennsylvania in 2006, strong GOP districts flipped our way. Other corruption will come out as well.  It always does.

    Voters send these people to do a job.  It can take a while for the average voter to realize how incompetent their member of Congress is, but, once they do, it is really hard to change that view.  

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