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View Diary: Disney moving production out of Bangladesh and other unsafe countries (36 comments)

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  •  Bring the jobs to the US.... (1+ / 0-)
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    My Two Cents: Bring the factories to the US.

    There must be thousand of US municipalities and local economic development agencies that would fight for a chance to establish a Disney factory in their areas.

    •  Laugh... American Apparel is probably the last (0+ / 0-)

      company trying to do mass garment production in the US.

      Unfortunately, they relied heavily on illegal immigrant labor to make this possible - you really can't find large numbers of skilled garment workers in the US any more.

      Anyway, they were raided and had to actually start checking that their workers were legal.

      Check out their stock price to see how well this is working for them.

      The only significant US garment manufacturing left is highly automated (ie. some big and highly efficient sock factories) and sampling and short run production for high end garments for which labor costs are a minimal part of the total cost and fast turnaround is essential, mostly concentrate in NY and LA.

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