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View Diary: Disney moving production out of Bangladesh and other unsafe countries (36 comments)

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  •  Loblaw gets to work on factory safety (0+ / 0-)
    Loblaws says it will continue manufacturing Joe Fresh clothing in Bangladesh and also take new steps to ensure the structural integrity of the factories in the wake of the collapse of a building that housed one of its suppliers.

    “We must do a better job to enforce the safety of workers producing our products in Bangladesh and around the world,” Joe Mimran, who founded the clothing brand Joe Fresh, said Thursday.

    In the past, Loblaws executives visited Bangladesh every six months to keep tabs on worker safety at the 47 local factories that produce Joe Fresh clothes. An international auditing firm would visit each year, Mimran explained.

    “It’s a very robust system, but it needs to be even more robust,” he said.

    Loblaw plans to station an employee in Bangladesh to oversee sourcing on a daily basis, Mimran added.

    IMHO, if Loblaw's isn't going to manufacture in North America and Bangladesh needs the jobs, they should be able to manufacture their goods safely in decent working conditions. If they can't, they should go somewhere else. Disney should work to fix the problems for the benefit of workers in Bangladesh before it goes elsewhere.

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