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  •  armed revolt (1+ / 0-)
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    This is the REAL REASON why so many on the right are against any changes regarding Gun control. It is not because of self defense, hunting or sport.
      They want to be armed to the teeth when their uprising against the Govt. begins. Sad, but true.
      So now we have the right wanting to takeover what they perceive as a dangerous government that is taking away their "freedoms" and rights.
      We also have on the left intense frustration for more progressive policies. They want JOBS, universal healthcare, stronger social safety net, a fairer tax code and big money industries to stop buying government
      Worst of all is we have a media stoking the flames. If something DOES happen I put a lot of blame on Talk radio and Fox. They will deny responsibility and hide behind the 1st Amendment, but their rhetoric, misinformation and propaganda has caused a lot of hate and division.

    •  I largely agree with your analysis. I no longer (0+ / 0-)

      think it's a question of 'if.' Now it seems to me only a question of 'when' in the sense that some self-styled John Brown wanna-be takes it upon himself to mount some type of insurrectionary act.

      The time for the Feds to stomp this out is NOW, hence my desire to see the national political leadership present a united front. (Fond hope, I know.)

      Otherwise I am very afraid that the brush is excessively dry, the kindling only awaiting the spark of a demagogue's or charlatan's words. And then we shall have a full-scale conflagration, the likes of which we have not seen since 1861.

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