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    Just a very few months ago I came across the file for one of my ancestors who fought in the Rev. War and after six years and a few months his honorable discharge papers were signed at Newburgh by "G. Washington."  My Andrew Bennett had enlisted in Jan 1777, spent the winter-spring of Dec 1777-June 1778 at Valley Forge (I found muster Valley Forge rolls online and I checked the map for where his unit was billeted and did some research on his unit), then fought both battles against Burgoyne and a few other battles that people up on Rev. War battles know about.  When his three year enlistment was up, he got his discharge and re-enlisted the same day until the end of the war, three more years+ a few months.  There was an additional piece of paper that said the unit was on furlough for a while until the ship came in.  The ship from Paris was on its way with the signed peace treaty and money to pay the troops who had not been paid in months, but it had not arrived when Andrew's (and presumably other men's) discharge papers were signed, so they had to be in town "on furlough" until they could get their pay and go home.  Now that I know which battles he was in, I'm amazed he lived through those six+ years.  He was in the Yellow Springs hospital the spring of 1778, but the muster rolls don't say what the problem was (there were several illnesses going around that winter/spring, any one of which could have also killed him).

    I have a couple of others who were in the Rev. War, but Andrew's I only recently came across because the file popped up on an odd search and it was the application for disability in the early 1800s so the research on his war years is more recent in my memory.  An accident (not described in the disability application) had resulted in a broken thigh bone and a broken shoulder bone, and his wife and two youngest children (ages 9 & 7) could not take care of the farm by themselves and he needed a disability pension (he got it, too, along with the land that had been promised the troops by the Continental Congress who really had no right or authority to say they'd get a parcel of land if they won the war since the Continental Congress had no money to pay these fellows - the land wasn't deeded to my Andrew until the second decade of the early 1800s).

    Things had been going downhill in the US for a long time, but with Clinton's signing of the deregulation of the money institutions in the fall of 1999 (Dems are not immune from blame for the mess we're in), then that gawdawful "election" that SCOTUS gave to Dumbya and the resulting years where we lost virtually all of our rights, we've been circling the drain at an increasing maelstrom speed, and all of that needs to come to a screeching halt, ALL of our rights given back to us, and regulations put back in place for banking institutions, among other things.

    Our Rev War ancestors did NOT fight so that their descendants would lose their rights over two hundred years in the future.  Your father and my uncles did not fight in Europe and the Pacific in WWII only to have their descendants' rights withheld over ginormous criminal acts (that's why we have laws to keep everything on an even keel) - my dad would have been there, too, but he was rejected at the physical when it was discovered the rheumatic fever he'd just barely gotten over had given him a valve leakage in his heart.

    I don't know what maggots have infested the brains of our corporate-and-bank-and-military-industrial-complex-owned Cretinous Congress Critters, but I wish they'd go get vaccinated or somehow treated so their brains start functioning again and we can have our rights officially back and all the bad legislation repealed in their entirety....

    I do know that when our politicos do start campaigning, they ALL (both Dems and Repukes) need to be questioned closely and asked point-blank when they intend on giving us back our rights.  I don't buy the slick-talking scare tactics they've been dumping on our heads for thirteen years (European and Asian countries have been living with guerrilla warfare tactics for years and their politicians aren't drilling them to be scared spitless like ours are), complete with the brainwashing Media is giving us by pounding fear into our brains (I finally turned my TV totally off forever a few weeks ago; best thing I've done in ages).

    It's all too annoying for words.

    Face Desk

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Thu May 02, 2013 at 08:36:14 PM PDT

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