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View Diary: Maddow: Bush Library "Decision Points Theater is a National Scandal" (142 comments)

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  •  Maybe the right analogy is Vietnam (6+ / 0-)

    Vietnam was a whole sequence of bad decisions with one of the crucial ones (the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution) driven by bad intelligence.

    Granted, there were some differences between Vietnam and Iraq. But a similarity is that, while we had an exact count of how many Americans were killed, we didn't count how many Vietnamese were killed, just like we didn't count Iraqis. Many civilians died or were injured. Atrocities were committed. The war was costly and difficult for the US but it was much, much harder on the people in whose country it was being fought, and for whose benefit we were allegedly there. Same in Iraq. It was just terrible for the people who were there.

    Unlike Vietnam, in Iraq we did succeed in changing the government to one we preferred, but the one they have now is deeply corrupt, sectarian, and as it turns out, not all that willing to do our bidding now that we're leaving. You can't really say it represents a good outcome, or was worth what it cost.

    I'm pretty sure none of that is conveyed by the nice new Presidential Library.

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