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  •  Character soup is an apt description (8+ / 0-)

    I never really saw it as a problem. Yes, I do remove many from the story but I don't really think of it as 'remove'. They are still there but just not people to focus on.
    And sometime my characters do start their Important Interactions in highly public places- a: it's an obstacle to heighten the urgency b: I get to do very amusing things to my characters, trying to increase the memorable moment (along with being fun for me).

        “A drink, a song, a wench or two, ah yes the marvels of civilization,” Ray surveyed the dim barn-converted-to-bar with relief. Whelk shuddered at the rank odor, as likely from furtive patrons as the questionable offerings.
        “Civilization? This?” he choked.
        Honra pushed them aside, staring across tables of patrons carefully avoiding her eye to a slim figure sitting at the bar. She slid out a blade with a slow rasp.
        “It is dishonor I spy, perched lively and quick still!” she yelled, a second weapon audible drawn, “Stand foul coward. So cowardly you even flee death! A failure in life and a failure in death!”
        Two more blades unsheathed but that noise was lost in the scuffle of chairs and fleeing feet. The room fell silent, the crackle of the fire and the lone figure sitting silent and still.
        “Face me Froop!” Honra demanded.
        “Aside from yet another vendetta, who’s Froop?” Ray asked, “And could we please have a beer first?”

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