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View Diary: Would a White Girl Be Prosecuted for a Botched Science Experiment? (55 comments)

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  •  the "bomb" meme is equally lame (0+ / 0-)

    It was an apparatus to generate hydrogen gas. It contained no explosives. It was in a plastic bottle which burst from plain old ordinary gas pressure, no different than what happens if you shake a soda bottle too long, or drop a menthos in a bottle of Coke and screw the cap on. High school chem students have been doing these sort of things ever since there have BEEN high school chem students.

    She is not the Unabomber.  She is not a ninja ober terrist. The sky is not falling.

    Punish her for breaking safety rules, yes. But treat her as a felony criminal Al Qaeda super-terrist oh noes? We have lost our fucking minds.  (sigh)

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