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View Diary: Semi-Automatic Rifle Gunman Shot and Killed in Houston Airport (111 comments)

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  •  Nice all that security works (3+ / 0-)

    Don't they restrict parking at the entrances and all that in case someone plants a bomb there (I'm guessing this happened after the Oklahoma City bombing?)? And have surveillance cameras all over the place? And yet some guy walks in carrying a rifle -- not a small concealed handgun -- and no security guard intercepts him before he gets to the ticket counter (and then it's an air marshal, not a police officer)?

    It's amazing that people are willing to give up all sorts of Constitutional rights in order to "keep us safe," but the police still can't manage the obvious basic stuff.

    •  The weakest link has always been the front door. (0+ / 0-)

      What stops a car from getting to/out of the arrival/departure lane as quickly as possible, regardless of why said car's driver wishes to be there?

      Nothing. Not one thing. The entire architectural purpose of these locations is to move people into and out of the airport as quickly as possible.

    •  At IAH they pretty well keep an eye on cars (1+ / 0-)
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      waiting to pick up travelers.  But it would not be that hard to park by the door, duck inside with your gun, and start shooting.  It's only yards from the door to the ticket counters.  Not sure how that could really be stopped.

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