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View Diary: UPDATE.You and I are going to take down the GOP in every state in this country. It starts NOW. (168 comments)

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    mdmslle, Jim Domenico

    but it isn't the GOP you/we need to stop.

    we need to start our own game and take de-power those in Washington... including professional/brand Democrats.

    if we continue to be misled that Democrats are the answer, well... we're headed for Iran, no? Monsanto and the ag/gag bill is law no? we have at our helm a president and congress embracing and expanding executive privilege, no?

    who but a democrat could screw up Social Security or, as Clinton did, end welfare ...

    we are wasting time. we need to find secular, service minded people with lots of ideas and an ability to work together without needing to agree on every damned thing.

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