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  •  The "idea" of university if the problem. (0+ / 0-)

    Look at pretty much any movie about univeristy life that has come out in the last 30 years or so.  It doesn't promote university as a place of higher learning.  More often than not it promotes university as a place to binge drink, party, "experiment" and screw anything that moves.  

    Look at how much attention is spent on promoting "party colleges".  How many universities try and attract budding athletes not just with an education, but with how fun the school is, the parties, the "lifestyle" and how much they will be worshipped as gods.  

    This is the problem.  People go to university with the idea that stupid and irresponsible behaviour isn't just the norm, but expected of them to have the "true university experience".   Hell, look back at that crazy sorority e-mail making the rounds not too long ago.  Clearly the product of someone who honestly believes university, and especially sororities/frats are NOT about responsibility and education, but about partying and having sex.  Again, there is an expectation that you are in university, you SHOULD be having sex and partying and drinking.  That crazy e-mail even seemed to imply that there was an expectation the sorority girls should be doing those things with their associated frat.

    Again.  This mindset is the whole problem and as long as we allow the idea of universities are for partying and getting stupid drunk, rapes will keep happening.  It makes no difference how much education the universities tries to put out.  The problem is that as long as universities are aware of and keep tolerating the party lifestyle that movies and tv promote, then young people have that expectation they should get stupid the second they enter.  And that is NOT an environment or a mindset that is going to stop and think about whether or not they should be doing something.  That is a situation that guarantees poor decision making and dangerous behavior that will result in people getting hurt.  

    That is just common sense in general.

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