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  •  Good on Mickey - the Christianists in the (3+ / 0-)
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    military and burrowed into our government in the waning days of Bush are as much as threat to our democracy as Islamists are to the Arab spring. Even liberals like Chris Hayes are unconsciously defensive of religious idiocy - as demonstrated when he asked Richard Dawkins if he thought there was too much religion in US politics.

    Dawkins surprised him by saying that actually there wasn't enough - and went on to point out that we need to hear MORE about what religious politicians actually believe, and gave as an example the eating the body of christ and dring the blood of christ belief of Catholics in their Mass. Chris Hayes, apparently an ex-Catholic, rushed to dismiss Dawkins' example - but one of Chris' guests, an African American, correctly pointed out that it was the specific beliefs of Christian politicians that supported their enslavement of her ancestors.

    Here's the rub for the religious in politics - either admit to a set of beliefs that will be open to legitimate ridicule, or admit that you really don't believe your own church's teachings. Americans are waking up, like their European cousins, to the absurdity of religious claims on the 21st century.

    Most of the religious buttons (like gay marriage) don't work any more - so what's left is coercion where you can apply the levers of power. We see that in the war on women where Republicans hold sway, and we see it in the military where MRFF has thankfully shone a bright spotlight on their activity. Yes - his language is tough - but I tend to agree - the Christian dominionists are real bad trouble for all of us - and need to be called out.

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