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  •  I would like to see stepping on an idea, a (14+ / 0-)

    bannable action.

    A while back the I/P descended on every diary that Grayson wrote. He lost that election. Dkos was denied to him as a fund raiser. His comments section was violent, incoherent and menacing. Every single one. I/P I/P I/P. Like a representative from a congressional district could solve the 3,000 year old I/P dilemma.

    Now we are working on Gun Safety, Regulation, and Control. We have a group of RkBAers who roam as the I/P once did. Making every comments section in every gun diary violent, incoherent and menacing. Like Grayson's election, they want to stop gun regulation.

    Oh sure I have tangled with them and gotten my talking points sharpened. I didn't even know what an AR-15 was before it beheaded 20 children. I didn't realize that responsible gun ownership ends when the gun owner says oopsie, silly me.  But I don't need strong talking points. Dkos is action. and how much action have these high fiven' gun guys stopped? We will never know.  

    The malicious stomping on ideas has started with the treatment of the comments section as part of the diarists' domain. It needs to go further. Instead of Grayson being able to raise funds and campaign workers in dKos, I/P stopped that.  Instead of a gun diary attracting groups of people who want to work with the diarist towards a common goal, RkBAers stop that.

    The next group of idea stompers will stomp on the next idea and stop dKos from growing in ways it should. Chasing people to the right margin should be a border line practice. If a group consistently does it they should be banned. It junks up the comments.

    Validate my parking Validate my parenting Validate my politics Validate my religion And I will be happy.

    by 88kathy on Fri May 03, 2013 at 09:18:28 AM PDT

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