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  •  I wanted to post in the other diary (3+ / 0-)

    "exactly what current Dem accomplishments are we supposed to be celebrating?"

    Seriously, somebody tell me. All I see in the news is the right-wing advancing at the state level (in many states) and passing psychotic legislation in the US House, economic inequality growing, a great percentage of those who will be eligible for coverage under the ACA have zero fucking idea what any of it means thanks to a criminally negligent sell-job by the White House and the Democratic Party, the Democrats presiding over a completely and utterly useless US Senate that isn't worth the pixels I have spent on this comment, a president who is trying to appease God-knows-who with his appeal of the Plan B decision, the Dow hitting 15K while ordinary people have actually seen their incomes DECLINE under nauseum, ad infinitum.

    So, again, where is the good news from the left and what are the good deeds from our side of the aisle that we are supposed to be celebrating?

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