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  •  When the argument over the Chained CPI (1+ / 0-)
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    began to hurt the president, his supporters used the racist argument to shut down dissent (even though it's very difficult to find anyone on the DKOS who is a racist), and since then, they have been posting nothing but 'Obama's the greatest' diaries...they did the same thing right before the election and it turned this place into a 24/7 infomercial for Obama. The front page is starting to sound that way again.

    If you read the comment sections on other progressive sites, then you might think the people posting comments are talking about a completely different president, such as the way they are hammering Obama in response to Eugene Robinson's latest article "Obama Goes Wobbly:"

    Not takin it anymore • 15 hours ago

    The title should have been" Obama takes another dive" . . he's a coward and not even close to being a progressive . . . he's a Rockefeller Republican and a huge disappointment . . . is it 2016 yet?

    jacob garbo • 16 hours ago

    Obama's doing what he's always done: What he's told. That's how he got his second term: Obeying his masters. Get it?

    Art Brennan • 6 hours ago

    He's been selling out since day 1. Wobbly?

    isnamthere • 7 hours ago

    "For reasons I cannot fathom, he took a pass."

    Well, that only means that you haven't been paying attention and still believe Obama to be some kind of opposition to corporate rule.

     blm1242 • 6 hours ago

    While Mr. Obama is looking for the "forgotten veto pen", he might also look for his "missing virtue". They both have been sucked into the black hole of creating a legacy before you leave. Like W, Mr. Obama, you will be remembered, the question is How?

    At some point, the members of the Democratic Party need to decide if they are going to support traditional Democratic values, or just support a President who is trying to destroy them.

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